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ind-LED 115W 90-264Vac / 47-63HZ  48 Power LED




Characterized by great sturdiness due to the generous anodized aluminium extruded case, the IND-LED range can be placed in any industrial environment and withstand even the toughest conditions.

Equipped with an anti-condensation valve, located outside, it can overcome even the harshest weather conditions without exposing the electronics contained to fast ageing.

The current electronic, the latest evolution of the one that has made famous this device, is today able to ensure very high standards of efficiency and durability. All the electronic components are assembled on a metal core printed circuit board with SMDtechnology.

The lamp, thanks to the optics supplied, can be easily placed in industrial environments both indoor and outdoor, in sports facilities and in all those places where an important and well controlled light output is needed.

All optics allow to use the device in full compliance with the strictest regional laws relating to light antipollution.



Industrial lamp entirely made of anodized aluminium; its versatility and power do permit an indoor and/or outdoor use in industrial, sporting and trading settings.



Different mounting solutions are possible: wall, ceiling, pole, busbar and pendant.