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Switch On Led by PADA


Pada Engineering was founded in 1975 and is  one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminium of electronic passive components (Heat sink) as well as aesthetics parts (frame) for kitchen and furniture industry.

Thanks to  his know how and R&D engineer team, Pada Engineering's been projecting and producing  since 2009 for the domestic and international market a new range of high-power LED lighting solution, branded SwitchOnLed , for both indoor and outdoor industrial applications.

The  product range includes:

Lighting  for streets,  highway and railway tunnels

Lighting for industrial areas and sports facilities ( tennis/football courts, etc..)

Lighting designed for office, stores and  sales areas (Supermarkets)

Lighting for photographic sets and schooting studios


Technology, reliability and aesthetics are the basic concept of the  products.

Pada Engineering offers all the services and advantages of a modern and efficient company,  supporting the customer during the  product selection,

the  custom design and grantingthe necessary technical support throughout this process.

Ideal solution for environmentally-friendly energy saving: more than 80% of the total necessary energy to produce its items is produced by the internal

photovoltaic plant.

All the  products are manufactured with pure materials such as aluminium , steel and  glass for a superior quality and  design.

Working on  a modern plant of 12.000 sqm, Pada Engineering is  headquartered  in Calcinelli, in the central Italian region named  Marche.

Pada Engineering can rely a  big stock for raw materials, finished products, tooling machines and treatment lines.

Every single  production step is rigorously checked.

Pada Engineering represents the guarantee of  the “Made in Italy” and is proud to sell the Italian Style all over the world.

Certified ISO 9001:2008 (since 1998), Pada Engineering operates  according  to the  most important standards  and certifications.